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Types of Home Lifts and it’s benefits

Planning to build a Duplex or Villa?? Must think about personal home lifts. It will add value to your house. It can also be suitable for low rise buildings. Home lifts are mainly useful for those who have aged or handicapped person with wheelchair in the family. It also requires minimum space and very low […]


 We are the pioneers in hydraulic home lifts in India. We manufacture lifts for homes and commercial purposes. Not only that, but we are the best home and commercial lift manufacturer in Mumbai. Expert equipment has been in the market past 30 years, levitator is our indigenously designed product. You can check out the […]

Benefits of Home Lifts

It is used to bring people and things to a different floor of a  building. In today’s generation to which we call the modern era, Want everything works to be done fast. To make life comfortable we are making each & every work easy and swift. Today whole world is under technology where every work is […]