Types of Home Lifts and it's benefits

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Planning to build a Duplex or Villa?? Must think about personal home lifts. It will add value to your house. It can also be suitable for low rise buildings. Home lifts are mainly useful for those who have aged or handicapped person with wheelchair in the family. It also requires minimum space and very low maintenance. There are many benefits such as providing ease of moving between one floor to another, carrying heavy bags and oddly shaped equipment from one floor to next.

There are two most commonly used types of Home Lifts are as follows:

1) Cable-driven home lifts:

These types of Lifts require a cabin, shafts, counterweights and a control system. They are similar to those available in commercial buildings. These lifts take more space due to equipment room. They are less common as compared to Hydraulic lifts in new buildings.

2) Hydraulic home lifts:

These types of lifts are driven by a piston that moves in a cylinder. This drive system is completely contained in the elevator shaft, machine room is not required and control room is also very small. So that Hydraulic home lifts require very low space.

Some benefits of home lifts are listed below:

1) Making life easy:

Home lifts make your life easy for daily activities in Bungalows, duplexes or villas. You can easily move from point A to B as many times as required. Also you can carry heavy grocery bags, big boxes or odd objects easily using home elevators. For the aged or handicapped persons who use wheelchairs these lifts are much needed.

2) Can use less space:

Home lifts can take less space mostly hydraulic lifts. These lifts can be built in the exterior area of the house or it can also use the unused area of the house. It takes very less space than the standard elevators used in buildings.

3) Safety features:

Installing home elevators can provide safety to your family. Some people struggle climbing stairs because of their medical condition. For those people home lifts are safe for moving around the house. Many lifts have safety features also.

4) Adding value to the property:

More features the house contains, more the value it has. If you want to sell your house for any reason, you will claim the more money showing the lift in the house. So, home lifts can provide the value to your property.

You will find all the above benefits in Levitator Home Lifts. It is hydraulic type lift so it takes minimum 900 x 1250 mm space. It has a capacity of lifting up to 300kg weight. Currently Levitator home lifts have 3 models available in the market i.e G+1 / G+2 / G+3. It can achieve speed of up to 300 mm/second. The current supply needed for the functioning of Levitator is 24 Volt. It has almost zero maintenance. Levitator’s car size is maximum 1000 x 1200 mm and minimum 750 x 750 mm. It also can be customized as per your requirements. It has an automatic and manual door options available.